Helping to reboot businesses.

Making the complex, simplified through being Curious, Creative and Courageous.

Driving Emergent change.

Our Brand.

WickedPeople help organisations and their people to become a better version of themselves, we are enablers of emergent change and transformation. We are Curious, Creative, and Courageous.

As your Critical Friends and Trusted Advisors, we pride ourselves in knowing you better than you know yourselves through extensive knowledge, know-how, and wisdom.

Our success is underpinned by our ‘3 Wicked Principles’ which are interwoven into the fabric of our business. We stand by our mantra of: ‘Your Success is Ours’



We help to create an effective platform of organisation: SurvivalSecurity & Living. Viability breeds ‘Success’


We generate energy, commitment, and enthusiasm through the sustained improvement of your Health, your Resilience, your Longevity


We don’t just talk value, we deliver value. Our success factors centre around: EmergenceHumanisationSelf-organisation

Our Capabilities

We have the creativity, people and tools to make your business thrive.


Business Transformation

Creating new levels of stability, Learning, Development and sustainable performance


Organisational Design & Development

Structuring, deforming, re-forming and aligning hard and soft business systems.


Wicked Leadership & Learning

Influencing and changing how people think, feel, act and behave positively differently.

Meet the person behind the Brand

We know what makes you tick, we know how to add value, and we know how to make a difference.

Wicked People are inspired to make a real and tangible difference in everything we do. We know businesses quite often can wander off into the unknown, that’s fine, we pride ourselves in helping businesses to find or stay on the path to sustained success

My belief is that many organisation invest too much time, energy, effort, resources, and money into the wrong things. And, quite often organisations can also do things for themselves better. If inspired to do so, and guided how to… let us help you to invest in the right things and enable you to things for yourself and ‘self-organise’  

"There is nothing more satisfying than helping people and their organisations to find their own way, it doesn't matter if they are lost, as long as they find the right path again"
Gareth Evans
Simplifier - Wicked People

Benefit One

Improve the health and well-being of the organisation.

Benefit Two

Build an effective platform of learning & development.

Benefit Three

Translate complexity into practical solutions.

Benefit Four

Enhance capability, productivity, structure.

Our Diagnostic

Discover the true meaning behind your brand.

The level of future success has a direct correlation to the amount of the effort you put in ‘upfront’. Our diagnostic helps you to better understand ‘what’s really going on’.


We help you better understand where you are (current state), to know where you want to go (future state), and more importantly how to get there (transformation).

Our Case Study

Don't just take our word for it, see for yourself.

Working with a private healthcare business and their Executive Leadership Team. We conducted a business-wide diagnostic. Many of the pain points faced were: cultural alignment, leadership capability and strategy and engagement. The value we created was in how we engaged, who we engaged with, and the insight we generated through our ‘best in class’ diagnostic that enabled leaders and staff to take decisive and immediate action through the development of a comprehensive 12-month OD plan.   

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Private Healthcare Business

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