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Our Philosophy

Building on the systems works of Dr Harald Kreher and in collaboration with Kreher Consulting, our philosophy centres around our heuristics, principles, logic, and the embedded values of Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage, that are interwoven into the fabric of our ‘Wicked Learning System’ and the dimensions of Complexity, Systems and Self-Organisation (S-O).

Our Learning System helps us, our clients, and those who partner with us to make sense of where they are, where they want to go, and more importantly, HOW to get there. We provide the meaning, direction, and a path toward being’ self-organised.’

The triangles within the triangles form the core of our approach. They are the Heart and Brains of it, they drive our learning methodology for your success.

Our Learning System is wide in utility and has a non-prescriptive base that makes it a strong platform for tailoring to your specific needs and giving you a head start in reaching your desired goals/objectives and future learning capabilities.

Work with Wicked People.

WickedPeople is an unconventional, fresh, vibrant Learning Performance Agency, who help organisations and their leaders and ‘Wicked’ People to be the best they can be and to thrive in times of complexity, confusion, and widespread dysfunctionality.

Our business is built around a network of WickedPeople: Coaches, Designers, Developers, Strategists, Deep Thinkers, Facilitators, Simplifiers, Mentors & Pragmatists. We delve into your organisation’s health … and improve it by helping you to invest in the right things.

Founder – WickedPeople

What are our
customers saying?

Healthcare Provider

Director of HR & OD

WickedPeople have an infectious presence and infinite positive energy. I have been fortunate to work with them on many occasions. They have a unique ability to make you think differently and their OD&D portfolio is impressive. The advice, guidance and support they bring has been invaluable, I don't know many who what WickedPeople do and the impact they have. They have my trust, they never disappoint

Transportation Company

Head of Business Change

WickedPeople has been working with us for a couple of years, delivering coaching and mentoring programmes to our managers across the UK. Their most recent work was to design and deliver a train the trainer programme, training up some of our coaches and in-house trainers to deliver coaching training within our businesses. WickedPeople placed a great deal of emphasis on getting to know our environment and our business. They have been highly responsive, flexible and adaptable to the needs of the business.

Telecommunications Company

L&D Manager

I feel privileged to have been supported by WickedPeople and their Executive Coaching at an important time in my career. Transitioning from sales into an L&D role was challenging and at times really knocked my confidence and self-belief. WickedPeople's approach was to ask the difficult questions when they needed to be asked, and join a number of what I thought we're unrelated points allowed me to gain new perspective on where I was going, rather than focusing on where I had come from. Their style and approach forced me to go deeper than the first answer to really unlock my limiting beliefs and empower me to grow into my skillset and voice. I'm confident that I'm far better placed to make a success of my L&D career after Gareth's support and am looking forward to developing into my true potential.

Professional Institute

Senior HR Business Partner

We needed some help to understand our teams, and culture and look for a positive way forward to provide better engagement within our teams. WickedPeople's diagnostic helped us with this...

How we create value.

WickedPeople was conceived on the premise that too many ‘expert consultancies’ operate in a linear, framework imposed manner. We don’t. Our ‘Wicked’ difference has three key factors: (1) Our Network (2) Our Approach (3) Our Learning System. WickedPeople uses the latest and best in class methods, approaches and interactions to transform how people think, feel, act, and behave and to improve organisations’ performance and the people who work in them.

WickedPeople operates in an open, transparent, and authentic way. We are never happy until you are happy.