In todays business world, complexity is an everyday situation. With uncertainty at every corner leaders are faced with information overload (big data) and accelerated change. To counter these real life challenges businesses need to respond quicker, adapt quicker and transform quicker. Many of the highly publicised geo-political’ events we see today are real examples of ‘systematic dysfunction’ arisen from unmanageable complexity, confusion and a lack of decisiveness.

From my perspective and first hand experience much has been gained from leaders having a better understanding of some of the tools and techniques that OD has to offer and also an appreciation and comprehension of Systemic Thinking and associated benefits. Thinking systemically. That is, “A system is an entity that maintains its existence and functions as a whole through the interaction of its parts and/or component parts…” helps leaders to better understand their organisation at a DEEP LEVEL, the inter-relations, connections and critical / functional dependencies

Much of what I do within OD is more than just dealing with what presents itself organisationally, the known factors, it’s more important to educate the leadership fraternity in the construct of OD and delve into the unknown – the real value…

In my humble opinion, a great deal more needs to be done by us the OD specialists in heightening OD awareness and understanding across all businesses within the UK. Many sectors have it right such as the NHS and Adult education – many more need to catch up…

Thoughts, feelings, reflections?

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