Chance, Choice, Certainty…

Over the past 8-10 months many of us have witnessed first-hand our previous ‘freedom of choices’ taken away from us and forced into the ‘Covid’ tube of uncertainty. I can only speak from my experiences, albeit I’m sure they do not differ from the experiences of others. If Covid and other significant events have taught […]

The Incomplete Picture

organisation development consultancy

How comfortable are businesses of today with not having the full picture, do we limit our commitments until the full picture is obtained, does change become too drawn out as a consequence of the search for the perfect…?? “How much of this is true, I would suspect a great deal from my experiences…” This is […]

How transformational is your leadership?

Recently working with the Senior Leadership Team SLT) of a private enterprise undergoing a significant transformation. The question was asked to the SLT; “As a team, how transformational are you?” Now the answer of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ was really irrelevant, albeit what was of interest was the varying levels of uncertainty that revealed itself. As […]

OD thinking leaders…

In todays business world, complexity is an everyday situation. With uncertainty at every corner leaders are faced with information overload (big data) and accelerated change. To counter these real life challenges businesses need to respond quicker, adapt quicker and transform quicker. Many of the highly publicised geo-political’ events we see today are real examples of […]