Over the past 8-10 months many of us have witnessed first-hand our previous ‘freedom of choices’ taken away from us and forced into the ‘Covid’ tube of uncertainty. I can only speak from my experiences, albeit I’m sure they do not differ from the experiences of others. If Covid and other significant events have taught us anything that is, ‘Uncertainty’ is here for many year’s to come, unless of course we find a way to create, to some degree a level of ‘Certainty’ for ourselves and those around us. If one thing is for sure, we are all ‘designers of our own lives’ that can be tailored to help us to achieve our ambitions of the future and to widen our lens of opportunity in the way we sense and see the world, our realities in a broader context and seek to ‘ringfence’ our opportunities that might help to create and form some remnants of ‘certainty’ in our lives.

Reflecting on this exact position taken, my thinking casts back to the 5th Century and the Persian prophet Zoroaster who said:

“There are elements of chance, choice, and certainty in every aspect of our lives”

Connecting Zoroaster with Design is about anticipating the powers of chance (trends, competition, experimentation), determining our certainties (our moral, ethical, professional anchors) and designing our choices (our strategy) enabling us to create a new future of potential certainty. After all, isn’t success driven by the number of choices that we generate, for ourselves and/or others, more choices, more chances of success that in essence can lead to higher levels certainty – agree?

Whatever business we are in, the golden thread that runs through us all is the certainty of change, whether that be evolution or revolution neither is right or wrong it’s simple what works for you in the quest of certainty. A key aspect of this is self-efficacy in that a person’s belief is about their capabilities to produce some kind of pre-determined level of performance that can, if enacted, exercise influence over current or future events that affect and/or have a detrimental impact in our lives. Self-efficacy can drive and can be a key enabler in shaping how people feel, think, motivate themselves and behave in a certain manner/way that can/could help to develop the foundations for future personal, group or organisation certainty.

Many may believe that certainty cannot be achieved through these complex times that predispose ourselves and others to high concentrations of vulnerability, ambiguity and UNCERTAINTY, albeit my personal belief is that Zoroaster back in the 5th Century wasn’t wrong and that we can find solace at some point in the future through the re-design of our lives, through taking chances, making intentional choices that may give rise to certainty however big or small, short or long lived, the opportunity to bring positive certainty to our lives and the lives of others isn’t a pipe dream and can be a lived reality.      

‘A closing thought, the earlier you entertain new and future possibilities/opportunities the closer you will be in finding your certainty.’

Written by; Gareth Evans @wickedpeople

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