Consultancy On-Demand

Do you need on-demand support from business change and transformation specialists?

Helping organisations to make sense of their current environment

Consultancy on demand (CoD) is an easy and flexible way to tap into on demand resources, deep insights, and practiced experience that Wicked People (WP) offer. You’ll always get our full attention, and solid , useful input. CoD is by no way 2nd class consulting.

Our unique CoD service provides you with the direct access to a highly pragmatic  team with a vast depth and breadth of cross-industry experiences … and a ‘whole lot’ of character.

Your first ‘Chemistry’ session will be at no charge, as we want you to dip your toes into our unique service allowing us, collectively to immerse ourselves into the situation you want to make sense of.   

Configure Form

Our 4-step easy-to-click configurator; helps us to identify the ‘basics’ of the conversation that you wish to have.

Establish Scope

This step underpins our collective understanding and verifies your setting, context and scope of the conversation. 

Target Requirement

To gain further clarity on the specifics to be considered, expected outcomes, and desired format of the exchange.

Begin Conversation

Let the interaction begin. Development against scope and requirements. Learning and lessons forward.


Organisations are fully aware that they do need to do things differently, and change the way in which they operate. The challenge isn’t so much the aspiration to change, it’s more that they don’t know how to. 

Gareth Evans

Forest path

On-demand conversations

Easy accessible conversations with an experienced consultant and Critical Friend. Helping you to make sense of your current situation and test new and creative ideas to complex problems or work through unique, new opportunities. 

Stretching your
own thinking

We help you to walk on the wild side, think outside of your normal, stretching your thinking, and testing traditional norms. Together we explore the possible, removing unhelpful cognitive barriers and help to shape the new future. 

Gaining clarity & understanding

Sometimes because we are buried in daily business and dug in so deep, we struggle to look beyond or challenge our assumptions. Occasionally we need a helping hand of input for a matter we are not experts in. 

Why WickedPeople?

We are pragmatics and embrace the challenge and excitement that comes with everything new or unforeseen. It is in such a setting that making a difference really makes a difference.

For supporting your glory projects, for telling and working with problematic issues, for nudging you, for giving you orientation, for any immanent or strategic advice, for helping you along your own learning path … we are ‘Wicked’ and we are here for you.

Why not test us out now, the first 45 mins for ‘FREE’ and if you don’t like the experience, simply walk away… click ‘configure now’ and embrace your ‘Wicked’ experience.