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WickedPeople are not your traditional consultancy, we a new, fresh and vibrant 'Performance Agency'. Your performance however varied is our concern.  

Organisations quite often invest too much time, energy, effort, resources and ultimately money into the wrong things. Our Wicked Diagnostic helps you invest into the right things, smart things and the things that make a marked difference.

WickedPeople are agnostic, we can and have made a notable difference where ever we have touch-based. With this aside, a real strength's are with: Health, Education, Start-up, Scale-up and Public Sector. 

In simple terms, our ambition, our beliefs and ultimately our way of working and the WickedPeople who work with us.

Our Wicked Programmes  have been borne out of many year's of frustration. Too many programmes are boring, traditional and do not address the 21st Century pain-points that many organisations face, our programmes take the challenge to you, and prepare, arm, enable all participants take useful action.  

WickedPeople try not to use the term 'Development' rather 'Preparation'. Why? simple how can you develop people/leaders for the unknown?, but, you can prepare them for the unknown. For us there is a critical trilogy that our engagement addresses: Leading, Leader, Leadership.

For WickedPeople 'Organisation Design' is helping organisations to become sustainably viable through; their 'Strategy', how people are 'Organised' and how the flow of work ('Processes') is managed in an effective and efficient way.  

WickedPeople are known for 'Simplifying Complexity' - therefore, our value is simply to help organisations and their people to do things better for themselves through; EDUCATION, LEARNING and DEVELOPMENT. 

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