Diagnostic Form.

Helping you to make sense of your pain-points.

Seamless Engagement

Our engagement through our immersive diagnostic is a key enabler to your future success. Let us help you to re-discover, reboot and more importantly re-define who and where you want to be.

Our Wicked diagnostic serves the purpose as an organisation-wide maturity assessment, which helps an organisation to better understand the levels of learning, development and performance maturity.


Deep Dive

Opening dialogue with an organisations senior leadership team and key stakeholders to help to immerse ourselves into the fabric of an organisation DnA.



Engaging with a target population through a comprehensive bespoke survey devised to explore the current health and well-being of an organisation.


Focus Groups

A F2F and/or virtual discussion devised to gain an in-depth understanding of challenges and issues within an organisation from a purposely selected group of individuals.


Maturity Assessment

A rigorous assessment of an organisations health, well-being and performance. A detailed programme of Organisation Design and Development activity to enhance the organisation shape and stability in the future.


Executive Report

The final phase of the diagnostic process is the presentation of the inquiry (diagnostic) data providing insight and wisdom in a concise a useable format, documented for taking decisive action.