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WickedPeople is an unconventional, fresh, vibrant Learning Performance Agency, who help organisations and their leaders and ‘Wicked’ people to develop, thrive, and learn, to be their best they can be in times of complexity, confusion, and widespread dysfunctionality. Our business is built around a network of WickedPeople: Coaches, Designers, Developers, Strategists, Deep Thinkers, Facilitators, Simplifiers, Mentors & Pragmatics. We delve into your organisation’s health … and improve it by helping you to invest into the right things.

How we create value.

WickedPeople was conceived on the premise that too many 'expert consultancies' operate in a linear, framework imposed manner. We don't, Our 'Wicked' difference has three key factors:
'(1) Our Network (2) Our Approach (3) Our Operating Model.'

WickedPeople uses the latest and best in class methods, approaches and interactions to transform how people think, feel, act and behave and so improve the performance of organisations and the people who work in them. WickedPeople operates in an open, transparent, and authentic way, we are never happy until you are happy.  

Our curiosity makes the real difference.

We are not like our competitors, who come in, make a mess and leave, making you feel undervalued and left feeling 'wanting'. Our unique approach (Organisation Maturity Framework drives engagement, transparency and heightens trust. Everything we do we do together, we share responsibility, we share your challenges and we help you to celebrate your future successes.

Our 5-stage approach provides a seamless, simple and effective experience for all, uncomplicated and unparalleled value. 

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