Helping to reboot businesses

Organisation Design & Development

Organisation Design

Helping to create sustainable stability

Our curiosity and experience helps you discover what your organisation really needs. We get involved so that we can design and deliver unique, leading-edge, practical solutions

We generate energy in every engagement, we  focus on what really matters and we design transformation and change that makes a notable and sustainable difference.


We help organisation to be both ‘stable’ and ‘dynamic’. We work across three core organisation dimensions, balancing tension between stability and flexibility is critical: organisational structure, which defines how resources are distributed; governance, which dictates how decisions are made; and processes, which determine how things get done, including the management of performance. 

We help to design great organisations for the future. Challenging the 'business as usual' shifting mindsets, structures and norms, ultimately shaping 'new performance'
Gareth Evans

Designing for stability

Strategic & Operational (RE) Design

We work at the strategic and operational interface of complexity design. From board and executive work to operating model design, redesign. Shifting cultures through strategy development to the enhancement of cross-boundary relationships, working and thinking.

Business Integration

We help with the complexities of business mergers, to overcome ingrained way of working, differing cultures whilst minimising business disruption. Our systemic-centred methodology helps to unburden the challenges that business integration attracts.

Innovations & Digital Design

We help organisations to successfully navigate the field of advanced technologies, helping to reinvent products and services. Enabling accelerated operational efficiency, effectiveness and enterprise-wide growth, sustainment and competition.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

henry ford


We recognise we still have much more to learn, from ourselves, our clients and the relationships we value. With openness to learning, challenging our own thinking and beliefs helps us to remain relevant to better serve our clients.


We are always seeking new angles, approaches and methods in how we engage with our clients. Experimentation and discovery is essential to helping our clients to move beyond 'business as usual' towards 'business as useful'.


We are your critical friends and trusted advisors we know it takes courage to maintain a posture of curiosity and creativity. We work hard to dissolve your pin-points. We encourage our clients to be curious, creative and courageous.

We believe the real issues are not always the ones that show up first, or shout the loudest. They generally are the ones that are not seen, not heard of or even not talked about...
Gareth Evans

Organisation Development

Enabling 'Emergent' Change

We help you build and maintain the health of your organisation.

We take a ‘systemic’ approach to enabling organisations to do what they are there to do well.

Aligning people, strategy and processes. We believe in the ability of individuals and organisations to grow. With a preference for self-sustaining and capacity building and a deep-seated respect for what everyone has to offer.

Organisation Development is about building a healthy organisation with sustainable and effective performance. The application of behavioural science, diagnosing, analysing and reviewing organisation structures and processes and how all the pieces of the organisation jigsaw work together in harmony. 

For us it’s simply all about emergent change, renewal, revitalisation and capability growth.

Developing for Impact

Whole System Diagnostics & Evaluation

The key to success is the time taken in the upfront effort to better understand what's really going within your organisation. We take a holistic whole system approach to diagnosing and evaluating the health and well-being of your people, your systems (hard, soft) and your processes.

Business Transformation & Change

Transformation and change involves building a healthy, sustainable, performance-aligned organisation. We seek to augment the way in which your strategy, organisation and processes, interact and interplay for optimal outcomes. We take a systems-wide (hard, soft) approach when coordinating change.

People, Leadership, Performance

We don't see People, Leadership and Performance as separate activities they are intertwined within the fabric of the organisation. Working across teams and with individuals, front-line staff, leaders to an organisation's 'critical-centre', people are the primary agenda in every case.