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Solution overview

The transformation of an organisation’s workforce for business advantage is still one of the great unexplored frontiers in leadership today. As a performance business, WickedPeople pride our self in enabling people to provide their best for their organisations’. We help executives, leaders, and your most priced possession, ‘your people,’ in becoming a ‘better version of themselves. Learning is a critical part of an organisation’s performance anatomy’, which we recognize, and that’s why learning is a central thread in everything we do and the successes we can demonstrate.

Turning to leadership, At WickedPeople, we see leadership as a value multiplier… A phase that always resonates with us is; leadership isn’t about what happens when you’re there. It’s about what happens when you’re not. We help organisations to do things for themselves better.

We encourage and champion the 3Cs of; curiosity creativity courage (across the activities of define, design and develop): this is the attitude and mindset we are working with and for. Organisations and their leadership will reap the benefits of adopting the 3Cs as it helps to perceive and employ things in a different way. 

  • 3C Cultivation
  • Complexity Management
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Leadership Development
  • Psychometrics

3C Cultivation

Curiosity Creativity Courage connects intimately across our Wicked formula of success of; Diagnose, Design, and Develop (3Ds): this is the attitude and mindset we are working with and toward with the businesses and Leadership that we engage and partner with.

The methods, tools, techniques that we use and deploy are dependent – for their detection, reach, and success – on how they are perceived and employed.

Complexity Management

Complexity management is a business methodology that WickedPeople uses to a great deal with the diagnosis, analysis, and synthesis of complexity in enterprises. Effective complexity management is based on the three dimensions of our Wicked Learning System: COmplexity, Systems, and Self-Organisation.

One position WickedPeople takes when helping to deal with complexity is to make life work in our organisations. We need, at times, to create structure and order out of chaos. Chaos is OK if you take the time to make sense of it. WickedPeople do just that; we help to ‘Simplify the Complex.’ 

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring (C&M) is a significant enabler within the context of organisation development, Learning, change, and transformation aligned to the realisation of the overarching Organisation Design & Development outcomes.

Coaching concerns performance, whereas mentoring leverages the notion of Learning; both are central to creating a coaching culture and helping organisations to develop themselves towards being a learning organisation. WickedPeople’s approach to C&M focuses on developing a company’s internal self-delivery capability, helping to become less reliant on external providers, and leveraging the talent that exists internally.

Leadership Development

The most influential leader development requires an organisational commitment to giving leaders the tools for success and ensuring alignment with business goals. We strive to understand organisation leaders and their behaviors. We truly believe the most significant leader development requires an organisational commitment to giving leaders the tools for success and ensuring alignment with business goals. Wicked People take a complete systems approach to Leadership Development. We ‘new age’ leaders enhance how they think, feel, act, and behave through different and complex times.  

‘New leadership needs a new language’


Psychometric tests help identify admirable people qualities and are a reliable indicator of role and workplace performance capabilities. WickedPeople uses the ‘best in class’ BeTalent assessments as an effective tool to measure the skills of existing employees and enable you to re-skill the workforce as per the changing needs of the industry.

81% expected to make reliable and less risky decisions 

57% believed that testing could predict future performance 

94% use psychometric testing during the hiring stage 

63% use them for employee development activities 

We strive to help organisations and their leaders better understand your people’s behaviours and the dynamics of how personalities work together in a more practical, collaborative way.


Our Wicked glossary

Our glossary of terms that describes how we operate and the way we think.