Learning Hub

Imparting knowledge and wisdom from our practical experiences. 

Case Studies

Sharing our case studies of client work outlining a semi-detailed account of the work that Wicked People carried out. What we was asked to do, the approach we decided to take and the impact/value that we achieved. Our case studies showcased, are a selection of some our cases from a diversity of contexts, industries and scale of engagement. 


Our articles are an opportunity to share Wicked People’s viewpoints/perspectives on a series of context-rich subjects. Many of our articles have been written as ‘opinion-pieces’ helping our readers to better understand not only our position and perception on certain topical subjects but also add further detail on already popular discussions, and share our opinion on popular and buoyant subjects.   


Our Wicked videos are a creative account of both multidisciplinary subjects and sharing our personal accounts, engaging in a playful manner. Our videos are intentional towards our audience, and those who we believe will learn from us, our opinions, our experiences and our learnings from others. Our videos are an essential aspect of our ‘Learning Hub’ that is intended to develop an alternative, creative type of engagement.