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Transformational Leadership

Concept for differentiate from other, leader or unique

Much is talked about ‘transformation’ as a business concept. Still, little is spoken about or even practiced within the confines of ‘Transformational Leadership’… such as are leaders today really and genuinely transformational?

Having engaged with many organisations as an OD specialist over many years, it’s surprising that organisations are still having high-level transformational dialogue and not entering new, more meaningful conversations around their leadership style, approach, behaviors, etc.… Do our modern-day leaders have the tenacity, courage, and skills to reinvent and build a new organisation capable of succeeding in today’s world of dynamic and complex change?

Much has been researched about Transformational Leadership, yet as mentioned above, less is practiced; from my perspective, very few leaders have any idea of how to be a transformational leader, let alone ‘walk it.’ This may be a harsh statement to make, but generally, I don’t believe I’m far off the truth.

Much is talked about the benefits and value add that Organisational Development provides; well, here’s one of many that I have witnessed where OD has been a ‘game-changer. By integrating key concepts from the OD toolbox of ‘pragmatic wisdom,’ with a microscopic focus on an organisation’s leadership function, OD can effectively strengthen the fabric of leadership, providing the necessary traction to help organisations transform more effectively through transformational thinking, acting, and being…

So, next time you are talking TRANSFORMATION to your CEO, MD, etc. ask a straightforward question:

Are their Leaders truly Transformational?


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