Our Approach

We connect with you and your business.



We engage authentically and positively with our eyes wide open.
Helping organisations see their environment, what it means to them, how it relates, and what is needed to shift and pivot to a new, exciting and intentional future.

Engagement for WickedPeople is not just about conversations and relationships; we focus on our three values of Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage.

Our 3C engagement separates us from a crowded workspace.

“When WickedPeople go to work, we don’t leave our hearts at home.”



We help organisations and their leadership to frame what the new environment could look like. Building a clearer picture of new capability, capacity, and, more importantly, potential – revisioning the future and leaving the past behind.

Framing is the most critical stage in the process. It sets the scope of engagement, establishes the operating boundaries, and provides a clear and coherent understanding of the magnitude of expected change efforts well before starting. It provides the much-needed foundations of success.

“To know where you are going, you must first understand where you are standing, and more importantly know your new destination” – otherwise you’ll just end up lost.”



The stage of inquiring into the stuff of everyday work-life, seeking clarity, reality, and opportunities for continuous development and improvement is what WickedPeople strive for. Organisations, helping to uncover the unknowns and make sense of the knowns.

Problem-solving, meaning-making, and solution building are the order and sequence of our success. No stones remain unturned, no problems ignored but discussed, and no opportunity for improvement, learning, and development is missed. We are rigorous, logical, and pragmatic in our approach to dealing with the complexities of business.  

“If you can’t explain things simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”



Are you stuck on the treadmill of conversation rather than moving forward with action. With WickedPeople, it’s less about dialogue and more about taking decisive action.

Inaction, more than anything else, is the cause of many failures and miseries. imagine if we consistently did the things we know we ought to. Your projects would be more successful. Your goals would become real.

We all know that action is hard. But why? Why do we struggle so much to take action? Imagine a place of difference, where the action happened without so much inner struggle. Wouldn’t everyone’s life be more comfortable? 

“Words may inspire, but only action creates change.”



We help organisations to learn. We enable improvements of system-wide behaviours, form and coordination. Shaping attitudes, aligning people, building new trust, and creating a perfect platform for sustainable business performance and success.

Learning is at the heart of everything we do. We learn with you every step of the way. ‘Every day is a learning day’ – we genuinely believe this. WickedPeople are enablers of self-organisation where we pride ourselves in helping organisations and their leadership do things for themselves better when guided on how to. Building strength in depth; your capability, capacity, and coherence 

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”