Our History

My unique journey to discovering WickedPeople.

  • Gareth Evans
  • Harald Kreher


My journey started here...

My first exposure to global transformation programmes of £10m+, where I managed, led, and took the helm of over 20 strategic programmes within a genuinely multi-national setting. I learned very quickly the importance of genuine transparency and the strength of a trustworthy network of ‘WickedPeople.’

One thing I truly believe and will take away from this unique position is that ‘Military Leadership’ is the best in the world. An experience that I still live and breathe.


Leaving the military...

Departed the Armed Forces after full 22 years of service. I met some fantastic people, lots of breathtaking experiences and many, many great stories to tell… But, it was time to enter my second chapter of life, seeking new pastures and help to create some much-needed family stability. It was time to transition into the ‘real-world’ and my very rapid welcome into the Emergency Services.

Firstly as Training Manager for Kent Fire and Rescue, followed by one of the most challenging roles I have ever experienced, the first ‘Babcock’ Head of Training for the London Fire Brigade.


New beginnings...

Hello to the Corporate world of ‘Outsourcing’ – Pressure like I have never experienced before and wholly different from my previous 22 years of organised fun and high achievements… Expectations, budgets, complaints, compliments, stakeholders, my new glossary of terms.

Great exposure to the inner workings of the Financial Services, Capita, and Babcock and dipping my toes within the Creative and Technology industries.


Graduating from Bedfordshire...

Turning my hand to Post-graduate education at the University of Bedfordshire, another proud moment in my life was obtaining a Master of Sciences in ‘System Leadership and Organisation Development.’ I cannot underestimate the impact this study had on my professional life. It transformed me, inspired me, and helped me personally to become a better version of myself.

I’m genuinely thankful to my tutors and fellow students who made this experience one to remember and helped me forge a new and exciting path of discovery.


WickedPeople is born...

A pivotal year in my professional life where I established WickedPeople, a ‘Learning Performance Agency’ designed to help organisations to grow their internal capability and do things better for themselves.

I relished the opportunity to add value where I couldn’t before, develop a competitive and market-disrupting brand that I was ready for, and more importantly, I wanted to collaborate with people I know can make a notable difference in everything they do. WickedPeople is a brand for the future, a brand to be trusted, and a brand that ‘walks the talk.’


Recover, Redefine, Resurgence...

A year to be remembered and never forgotten, it certainly tried and tested my resilience, persistence, and creativity. This was a year of help, support, and thankfulness to the many who went above and beyond their calling. Over the past 18 months, I have come to appreciate that the small things in life quite often make the most significant difference in life, work, and relationships.

I have grown to love what I do, how I do it, and the marked differences WickedPeople strive to make. 2020 is an etched memory of a crucial turning point.


Re-branding our future...

Working with several prestigious industry-leading brands and honing the real value WickedPeople can offer clients through challenging times of transformation and change. Our unique immersive and engaging 3D (Diagnose, Design, Develop) approach has formed the centre of our re-branding. As a result, our revitalised brand represents balance, harmony, and growth.

As a challenger brand, we seek to tread the grounds that others haven’t mastered, fully explored or experimented with new ideas and approaches. We are not Management Consultants. We are Designers; We are Deep Thinkers; We are Pragmatists; We are WickedPeople.


New Beginnings...

Working with several prestigious industry-leading brands and honing the real value WickedPeople can offer clients through challenging times of transformation and change. Our unique immersive and engaging 3D (Diagnose, Design, Develop) approach has formed the centre of our re-branding. As a result, our revitalised brand represents balance, harmony, and growth.


First exposure to the real world...

Apprenticeship/banking clerk; Bank-Kaufmann

One might say banking is a world in its own right, yet during the frequent work placements in the various departments and branches that Frankfurt as Deutsche Bank AG headquarters offers, different parts of the business and loads of different characters could be experienced. And I learned a bit of money savviness.


Learning to learn...

A fairly rigidly structured multidisciplinary course of studies over 8 semesters. My interest in Systems was awoken. St. Gall has its own systemic management models, strongly influenced by the works of Stafford Beer. It was a rich journey covering subjects from psychology and sociology to statistics and technology assessment.

A wide and solid foundation. I ‘specialised’ in the business management strand and within it in organisation. The three main subjects were economics, civil & public law, and, of course, the whole canon of business administration. First real consulting project in the final year.


Doctoral studies; Ph.D.

After my time in Switzerland, I knew I wanted to learn more about systems thinking – and different approaches to it. Plus, do so in English. I chose the possible universities by the supervisors I was aiming for. It was the rigour of inquiry and a structure for my thesis I was asked for prior that let me decide for Lancaster and Peter Checkland as my supervisor.

My thesis was on SSM and self-organisation. My main learning lessons: the difference between method and methodology and the one between epistemology and ontology. I am thankful that my mother made it easy for me to pursue my doctorate though she was on her own after my father had died during my first year at Lancaster.


Going independent...

Frequently traveling between England and Germany, I enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss and consulting mainly SME. I dabbled with different approaches and methods from within the wider systems ‘tool bag’. Quite frequently I was a referee for several rated journals. This kept me up to date. Yet I was more and more convinced that nothing I saw there was ‘right for me’.

My freedom I also used for expedition trips to many of the professionals I had read. I met several dozens of those relevant to my interests: from the A’s like Ackoff and Argyris, over Beer and Bennis, Gell-Mann, Kauffman, Mitroff, Porter, Schon, Senge, von Foerster, to the W’s like Watzlawick and Weick.


Doing what I love...

What I enjoyed most during that time: some longer-term assignments with clients, being almost part of their company and being entrusted for the work I did with them; building teams at my employers, being instrumental in us expanding, passing on knowledge. Much of my work as consultant-to-manager then started with productivity and processes.

It was to a good part a systems background that allowed us to show the interrelations and expand to projects around organisation and strategy. It was a time of delivery. With growing responsibility for teams, I missed head space for reflection and development of something really special.


Managing Kreher Consulting...

I had started to develop my own systemic management model a couple of years back. Now I had the freedom to make it work. 2006 the Kreher Cube was born. Most management models I found either too scholastic or too vague. So, I created my own. It has served me, colleagues, and clients well ever since. In that time, I had various types of assignments: from sub-contractor to one-man-show, to teaming up with independent colleagues.

Consulting across the board: strategy, organisation, process. Enjoying my working freedom, yet typical restlessness of a searching mind, I missed sparring exchanges with those who had the same ambition to continue to learn and develop something bigger than themselves.


Joining Wicked People...

Already 2020, I had started to look for some collaboration abroad. Systems Thinking has a great tradition and wide practice in the U.K. The fact that I had been found by a good woman in the U.K. was the icing on the cake.

Establishing some contacts and testing out if and how a collaboration would work, Gareth was bold enough to let us join forces. We have our complementing backgrounds, shared already some successful work experiences, and are eager to – together with a team of likewise curious, creative, and courageous professionals – make a difference that makes a difference.