Our Programmes.

Building capability, capacity, confidence

Digital engagement is the future.

All our programmes have been devised to help to balance the impact and learning experience of all participants with real challenges of finding the time and space to learn, develop and evolve, personally and professionally. 

Our Ignite, Grow and Thrive programmes can be delivered: F2F, Digitally or Blended, we work around your needs and expectations. All programmes bespoke. In addition, the GROW and Thrive programmes include the use of our CONNECT platform that enables an immersive experience through the flexibility of engagement, connection with peer learners and build reflective practice. To learn more how our leading-edge engagement works click ‘learn more’

Leadership training programs

Our Ignite Programmes.

Our ignite programmes are 2-day immersives designed to ‘kick-start’ new thinking across the key areas of an organisation’s capability. From early stage ‘systems thinking’ to taking personal responsibility for ‘being the change, the essentials of ‘consulting’ and ‘facilitation’ to the radicals of ‘bold leadership‘. Topped off with our highly engaging ‘cultural web’, a key enabler in joining together your complex pieces of the organisation jigsaw.