Performance Diagnostic

Let us find your brands pain-points and to discover a new normal.

Solution overview

WickedPeople deploys organisational diagnosis as a creative method for getting to know an organisation at all levels – from the surface levels to the deepest hidden parts that aren’t visible to the eye. Performing organisational diagnosis is not so far off from a doctor trying to diagnose their patients.

Some doctors diagnose differently by focusing on specific aspects based on their professional judgment. This approach is not dissimilar to WickedPeople our policy is unique for every client. Over decades we have learned that every client is different and responds differently. We take pride in tailoring our diagnostic system using various models that get the best out of the situation and are perfectly aligned with our client’s wants, needs, and goals.

TCP – transparency communication participation (across the domains of culture, communication and collaboration): this is our mode of engagement with you. We provide openness and clarity, exchange and explain for common understanding, and build for involvement and ownership for you.

  • Maturity Profiling
  • Problem Structuring
  • Workforce Planning
  • Gap Analysis
  • Culture & Climate

Maturity Profiling

Maturity is defined as an advanced or developed form or state”. A mature organisation has explicitly and consistently deployed the best possible practices or processes whose outcome is measured and used to improve them continuously.

Assessing an organisation against our WickedPeople Maturity Framework helps to check the structural integrity of the organisation, its current and future capabilities. Further, to precisely identify its strengths, opportunities, and areas of development, compared its profile against benchmarks and best in class companies from across the industry.

Problem Structuring

Many businesses enter a new world of multiple complexities. Many also face an increased level of anxiety to make sense of the new world challenges that companies and their Leadership face head-on. WickedPeople offers a new generation of methods and approaches to assist in the analysis of decision problems. We are not overly reliant on the technological solution that many offers.

Instead, our Wicked system considers rigor and logic the value that both technology and human interaction can have when dealing with and making sense of an organization’s’ Wicked Problems.’

Workforce Planning

One of WickedPeople’s ‘value-adds’ is helping organisations to prepare for the future by ensuring that the right people are doing the right jobs at the right time in the right way. Taking a data-driven approach to workforce planning, an organisation will have the data, information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom (DIKUW) it needs to adapt quickly to change.

Successful change leads to higher, more reliable productivity and a leaner, effective workforce not just for now but also for the future. WickedPeople can help you achieve just that. People are an organisations’ engine room; therefore, you need to ensure you keep the cogs oiled to get the best out of what you have in place.

Gap Analysis

Understanding how your organisations work, how to get them working in the right way, and identifying the critical gaps in your organisations’ fabric is what WickedPeople do best. We help an organisation identify the ‘”gaps” in their performance – and follow through on addressing them. WickedPeople’s approach to gap analysis is an inquiry (examination and assessment) into a company’s current performance to identify the differences between the current state of business and where you’d like to be. In simple terms, it comes down to three straightforward questions: 

Where are we now?

Where do we wish we were?

How are we going to close the gap?

Gap analysis isn’t a complex artform, WickedPeople’s approach is simple, and outcomes are telling.

Culture & Climate

For an explanation, we start with the words of Edgar Schien “A climate can be locally created by what leaders do, what circumstances apply, and what environments afford. Culture can evolve only out of the mutual experience and shared Learning.”

Organisational culture is tied to corporate purpose, creating a sustainable work environment where employees feel engaged, loyal, and satisfied – the climate of your organisation. The company’s mission, diversity initiatives, incentives, and perks all make for good culture on paper, but does the climate in your workplace reflect the culture you hope to have?

Do your promises live up to your reality? WickedPeople help organisations live their reality by assessing your organisation’s culture and climate; they work hand in glove.

Our Wicked glossary

Our glossary of terms that describes how we operate and the way we think.