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Solution overview

In partnership with ‘BeTalent’ and ‘Zircon Consulting,’ our approach to psychometrics is based on the principle that many businesses have difficulty identifying their current vs. future people & team talent. So we use a blend of eight highly engaging assessments that help to delve into the fabric and DNA of an individual or team. Then, with a unique combination of psychometrics and coaching, we surface what matters and help organisations better understand their future potential.

WickedPeople help to shape people, teams, and organisations. Our team of professionals has over a decade of experience working with the various tools and techniques on offer today. For us, the ‘BeTalent’ framework is leading the field in talent tools for the future… that is why we subscribe to the BeTalent’ toolset.

It works for us, so why not let it work for you.


Strengths are a mixture of talents, knowledge and skills which we enjoy doing and perform better when applying.

Identifying Strengths is an opportunity to discover what excites and energises us at work as they have a direct link to our motivation and aspirations. Therefore, it is important to understand what motivates, energises and excites us.


The winning attitude model is based on the unique research with Olympians, CEO’s and founder entrepreneurs, from which 10 winning attributes were identified and validated.

This tools assesses an individuals growth mindset in order to support better understanding of future-focused mindsets that underpin and enable the successful attainment of business goals and objectives.


Team questionnaire, which explores the team’s preferred way of operating. As the questionnaire is a self-report measure, the results reflect each of the team member’s self-perception of their behaviours and characteristics in comparison to the 15 different team types.

A collaborative workplace naturally develops a sense of community, which provides a safe environment for team members to contribute to the overall success of the organisation. 


The decision styles model is designed to measure an individuals decision style, risk taking, and judgement behaviours. The assessment identifies clear learning, development opportunities for the future, in order to enhance future decision-making competence.

The cognitive diversity of a team and how they make decisions are key attributes for organisation success.


The Culture Fit Assessment is designed to identify the core values and assumptions of an individual, enabling them to understand the level of alignment between their core beliefs and the values of the organisation.

The assessment helps to better understand the impact of potentially over-played and underplayed values and how to moderate them when in stressful and ambiguous situations.


Your mental health and ability to be resilient affects your everyday life. The Resilience Questionnaire measures both the positive emotions associated with strong emotional well-being and negative challenging emotions related to feelings of stress.

The assessment is used to raise your self-awareness about how your Resilience can affect your ability to utilise your Strengths at work, so that you can look at how you could change your mind-set and overall Resilience.


Executive leadership coaching – The Inspiring Leader questionnaire is a development tool that explores an individual’s level of Inspirational Leadership and Executive Presence.

It identifies the extent to which an individual is inspirational, and also the degree of executive presence or impact they have within the workplace. Inspirational leaders positively contribute to organisation performance and change.


Blended 360 is a revolutionary development tool that provides individuals at every level with detailed feedback from key stakeholders, managers, peers and colleagues.

The ‘multi-rater’ system invites your colleagues to assess what you are good at and what you could improve in your role, and compares their assessment to that of your own. The Blended 360 can be used as part of development, performance management and coaching.