How comfortable are businesses of today with not having the full picture, do we limit our commitments until the full picture is obtained, does change become too drawn out as a consequence of the search for the perfect…??

“How much of this is true, I would suspect a great deal from my experiences…”

This is the real value of having a greater systemic appreciation when dealing with, making sense of and navigating the various levels of complexities that our organisations and leadership face on a daily basis. Systems Thinking respects complexity, it doesn’t pretend it’s not there or mask it, among other things, we should accept that sometimes our understanding is incomplete and requires further sense-making… incomplete is fine…

When we face a situation or a problem, we don’t always know what we are seeing and whether what we are seeing is the full and complete picture. In many cases the best approach is to accept that our view, current view, is only partial and that others might have a different viewpoint and/or perspective. With our limited view in that moment we must resist the temptation to take the ‘default’ position by breaking the problem/issue down into more manageable chunks (Reductionism). A more wise and logical step would be to accept that there is more than one way of understanding the complexity that we face, appreciate the views of others, enter dialogue to ascertain a unified viewpoint, and work with what you have, partial or not.

Reductionism is merciless – Douglas Hofstadter

Systems Thinking is emergent, so is change… work with it don’t over think… in cybernetic terms: Act, Sense, comparing to what you want, and CORRECT…

Beauty is simplification’

Please feel free to comment, challenge and/or share… dialogue, viewpoints, and opinions are a rich source of learning…

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