Leadership & Learning

Helping you to reboot your business.

Helping to disrupt business as usual in a positive way.

Considering the amount of change people have to deal with in these highly volatile, demanding and complex environments, we look to co-create: huge enthusiasm, a new pragmatic approach to change and to overcome perceptions of change fatigue developing excitement, energy and passion when dealing with change.

We offer an opportunity to disrupt change sustain this momentum with resources and tools so people always have somewhere to turn to. 


We recognise we still have much more to learn, from ourselves, our clients and the relationships we value. With openness to learning, challenging our own thinking and beliefs helps us to remain relevant to better serve our clients.


We are always seeking new angles, approaches and methods in how we engage with our clients. Experimentation and discovery is essential to helping our clients to move beyond ‘business as usual’ towards ‘business as useful’.


We are your critical friends and trusted advisors we know it takes courage to maintain a posture of curiosity and creativity. We work hard to dissolve your pin-points. We encourage our clients to be curious, creative and courageous.

Leadership Advancement

The most effective leader development requires an organisational commitment to giving leaders the tools for success and ensuring alignment with business goals

We strive to understand organisation leaders and their behaviours. We truly believe the most effective leader development requires an organisational commitment to giving leaders the tools for success and ensuring alignment with business goals 

Business Strategy and Consulting Services
Leadership development program

'New leadership needs new language'

Leadership development program

Enabling 'Emergent' Change now.

We take a 'systemic' approach to enabling organisations to do what they are there to do well. Aligning people, strategy and processes. We believe in the ability of individuals and organisations to grow. With a preference for self-sustaining and capacity building and a deep-seated respect for what everyone has to offer.

Organisation Development is about building a healthy organisation with sustainable and effective performance. The application of behavioural science, diagnosing, analysing and reviewing organisation structures and processes and how all the pieces of the organisation jigsaw work together in harmony. 

Learning and Development

Wicked People take a complete systems approach to Learning and Professional Development. We help organisations and their people to enhance how they think, feel, act and behave through different times.  

Our immersive approach is designed to encourage critical and personal reflection on these practices with the aim both of enhancing your own learning experiences and of providing effective learning interventions for others.

We are specialists in helping people to become a better version of themselves.

Leadership development program

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